Selected Publications

  • Donald I W, Mallinson P M, Metcalfe B L, Gerrard L A, Fernie J A. Review: Recent Developments in the Preparation, Characterization and Applications of Glass- and Glass-Ceramic-to-Metal Seals and Coatings. J Mat Sci. 46 1975-2000 (2011).

  • Fernie J A, Drew R A L, Knowles K M. Joining of Engineering Ceramics. International Materials Reviews. 54[5} 283-324 (2009).

  • Van Helvoort A T J, Knowles K M, Holmestad R, Fernie J A. Anodic Oxidation During Electrostatic Bonding. Philos Mag, 84 [6] 505-519 (2004).

  • Van Helvoort A T J, Knowles K M, Fernie J A. Nanostructures at Electrostatic Bond Interfaces. J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 86 [10] 1773-76 (2003).

  • Hanson W B, Ironside K I, Fernie J A. Active Metal Brazing of Zirconia. Acta Mater, 48 [18-19] 4673-4676 (2000).

  • Binner J G P, Fernie J A, Davis P A, Cross T E. The Effect of Composition on the Microwave Bonding of Alumina Ceramics. J Mat Sci, 33 [12] 3017-3029 (1998).

  • Fernie J A, Hanson W B. Best Practice for Producing Ceramic-Metal Bond. Ind Ceram, 19 [3] 172-176 (1999). (A special edition comprising the best contributions from CIMTEC, The World Ceramics Congress, Florence 1998).

Professor. John A Fernie

Professor John A Fernie
CEng CPhys CSci

Professor Fernie began his research career in the mid 80's with a PhD at Warwick University. He then spent 18 years in contract research and development and has also been a Technical Manager in industry.

Author of more than 50 publications available in the public domain on the subject of ceramics & ceramic joining with more than 20 years experience within the field.

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